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Average grade

"The program really helped me to give me a more structured way to do Discovery. I liked the fact that your allocation to a team is actually done after your first 1:1 intro call with a Panash instructor, based on who you are, your motivations and your situation. Having a stable team gives during the program helps feeling involved. The content is pretty actionable."


"The formalization of opportunities in an OST, running interviews and building interview snapshots are the subjects that have impacted me the most. This is typically what will help me today! The Product Discovery training is helping me restructure the whole way I synthesize and share information to make decisions."


"Amazing opportunity to reflect and work as a team. We do it too rarely, and this bootcamp truly made me realize how much we're able to achieve together."



"I felt Empowered, almost like Marty Cagan. My background was: we don't have a discovery method in the company, and that's why it was really great for me to have a Product Discovery method from A to Z."



"I loved the complementarity of the content: between the theory in autonomy to approach the concepts, the live session to share, then the assignment in small groups to practice and question ourselves on our professional contexts. It struck me, I found it super powerful."


"Great facilitation. I reallly liked that you shared so much personal experience and examples. Super helpful concepts and inspiration."


"The fact that it is only a few hours per week during 5 weeks makes it very efficient. Between the very well written small pieces of theoretical material, the live workshops and the alumni community, the time frame is great. Being in group with PM from other companies makes it also a great + !"


"It's a really nice program to kickstart discovery in your team, it is very hands-on. It is the only long French program I know of tailored for Product Managers that are working full time, I find the price also nicely set."


"With access to Panash, our team was able to take more risks, more ownership, and our Product Trio felt empowered to take decisions for ourselves."


"As a product designer, the training programs have helped me redefine my role within my team. Now I'm focused on defining solutions that really address customer struggles."


"Great content that opens your horizons with practical tips and concepts you feel you can really implement. Amazing facilitators, great energy. You really understood our problematics, shared your experience and know your topic super well. You rock!"


"During the program, I was able to apply the concepts in my daily PM life along with the classes! I reused everything: defining an outcome, defining the people you are interviewing, the questions to ask, interview facilitation, creating the snapshot interview, identifying opportunities... I reused all the elements I learned in the course."


"I've gathered great ideas and learnt best practices. I feel that I now have both methodology and knowledge to do things well when it comes to discovery. For example, I can see clearly how we can link our product outcomes to the company's OKRs. I can't wait for other teams to take this program. Thank you for everything."


"You really met our needs and the struggles we're facing, and gave us concrete methods / frameworks (and inspiration!) to use in our worklife. Great facilitation and team <3"



"Great opportunity to have a structured methodology and tools to progress on Product Discovery. Exchanges between people from other companies is also a good way to compare and challenge our way of working to improve ourselves."

Past events

Your roadmap sucks!

Feb 16, 2023
🌎 Anyone
Phil will share his practical tips to be more pragmatic in the way we build roadmaps.
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Panash talk

Nov 24, 2022
🔒 Community
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Panash talk: How Empowered teams connect Strategy and Discovery

Nov 17, 2022
🔒 Community
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Pricing & Monetization AMA with Stéphane Lebas

Nov 16, 2022
🌎 Anyone
Join us for a 45 minutes Q&A focused on pricing & monetization. The Q&A is hosted by Stéphane Lebas and moderated by Panash’s head of programs Céline Yao.‍
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Panash talk: Accelerate decision making with design sprints

Nov 10, 2022
🔒 Community
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