Product Discovery

Develop a repeatable practice of discovery which enables identification and prioritisation of impactful opportunities based on your business outcomes and delivers winning experiences for your customers.

By the end of the program, you will know how to:

  • Define clear product outcomes
  • Collaborate with your team members throughout discovery cycles
  • Plan your participant recruitment for interviews
  • Conduct user interviews with confidence
  • Generate insights from interviews and communicate learnings to a wider audience
  • Extract opportunities from user interviews
  • Assess & prioritise opportunities
  • Develop an evidence-backed narrative to unlock decisioning for your team
  • Map ideas and assumptions and evaluate risks
  • Rapidly test ideas by experimenting for low effort and high impact

Program lead

Brian Greene

Program Partner @ Panash

Brian leads Product Research at StreamYard (part of Hopin).

He is a human-centered leader with a mission to push the boundaries and impact of product research, putting human needs at the heart of organisational decision-making in order to make products and services that people love.

Brian previously led User Research at Bumble, Etsy and Meetup.

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Live online sessions

Hands-on sessions with concept reviews, learner-driven discussions and time to put theory into practice.

Engaged work groups

Peer-led, diverse work groups, so you can get different views on how to solve problems and collaborate in finding solutions.

A support system

Benefit from peer support and camaraderie in an emotionally intelligent learning environment

Actionable resources

Apply what you learn to your current work context with a library of original and curated resources

Designed to fit your busy schedule

We designed our cohort-based programs around the busy schedule of product people.
This program will require around 3 hours of your time per week.

View week’s content
30 min
Watch online lessons and complete weekly quizzes
Instructor led live sessions
30 min
Where the magic happens Join the expert, practice with fellow cohort members, learn from real-life challenges and ask your burning questions.
Group assignement
60 min
Apply what you learnt to a concrete case study, get feedback from experts and improve.
Weekly talks
45 min
Apply what you learnt to a concrete case study, get feedback from experts and improve.
Wind down

What alums say about our programs

Océane Evrard

Strategy and Expansion Lead

I've gathered great ideas and learnt best practices.
I feel that I now have both methodology and knowledge to do things well when it comes to discovery.
For example, I can see clearly how we can link our product outcomes to the company's OKRs.
I can't wait for other teams to take this program. Thank you for everything.

Hermance N'Dounga

Product Manager

Understanding how to use interview snapshots to extract opportunities and how to progress from that point has been game changing for me.
I wasn't sure how to move forward, and now I have the skills and a framework.
Thank you so much!


Week 1: Defining product outcomes

Defining clear product outcomes that will drive value for the business is key in building a discovery practice that scales. Here we’ll focus on:

- understanding the principles of discovery.
- establishing how product outcomes can drive business outcomes.
- Decide which outcome to pursue for a discovery cycle.

Week 2: Interviewing users

Defining who you need to learn from and what questions to ask is key to guarantee the quality of your discovery activities. We’ll look at:

- how tos et criteria for participant recruitment,
- building a recruitment screener that delivers viable participants
- setting up a recruitment process that translates into booked conversations.
- transposing outcomes and objectives into interview questions. (building an interview guide)

Week 3: Extracting, assessing & prioritising opportunities 

In this module, we’ll look at how to synthesize learnings into snapshots after interviews. We’ll then look at:

- how to extract opportunities from snapshots,
- mapping them out in an Opportunity Solution Tree
- you'll do a deep dive on building a strong evidence-backed narrative that will drive alignment and unlock decision-making for your team.

Week 4: From opportunities to experiments

Here we’ll dive into techniques for ideation, alignment and focus. We’ll look at:

- mapping ideas and assumptions
- uncover risks through the 4 Big Risks framework
- how to involve stakeholders along the way to create momentum in decision-making.

Week 5: Testing potential solutions

We’ll look at testing techniques and share which types of experiments can address various risks. We’ll showcase use cases for experiments, including but not limited to:
concept testing, fake door testing, card sorting, etc.

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A 5-week, cohort-based virtual experience to get your team moving on product discovery.

Cohort duration

5 weeks

Time to complete

2-3 hours per week

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From Jan. 23rd to Feb. 24th 2023

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Meet your instructors

Axel sooriah

Co-founder @ Panash

With over 8 years experience in Product Management, Axel has helped small & large tech ventures take products to market faster and more efficiently by developing a continuous & rigorous practice of discovery.

Axel teaches
- Continuous Discovery
- Opportunity Solution Trees
- Opportunity assessment & prioritisation

Roxane Lacotte

Co-founder @ Panash

Whether at Heetch or Swile, for Amazon or Facebook, Roxane has contributed to some of the most ambitious research projects in the EU landscape. Now, Roxane's dedicated to democratising research practices across product organisations.

Roxane teaches
- User research fundamentals
- End-to-end interview processes
- Customer knowledge repositories


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