Product discovery
with confidence...
and panache!

Here you'll find 3 main ways we can have an impact on your team's practices, workflows and ways of working.

Discovery sprints

You need answers so you can prioritise and focus your efforts into the right initiatives?

Look no further: our team helps you frame a discovery sprint that will deliver insights, opportunities and recommendations on where to focus next.

  • Kick off with a framing workshop aimed at getting alignment across your team on what are the key research questions to address.
  • Wrap up with a playback session where you can invite the whole company to learn more about the reality of your end-users and get cracking on decision-making with confidence.
  • We're as collaborative as you need us to be.
    Based on your team's availability, you can be invited to shadow our activities.
  • Discovery Sprints: ranging from 3 to 6 weeks, where our dedicated team of product discovery experts will conduct the right activities to understand what matters most for your users.
  • Rather have someone embedded? Lack of bandwidth? Trouble recruiting? A Panash discovery lead can join your team right away!
Lantern case study
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Shedding light on impactful insights for product teams

4 weeks to truly understand how to unlock opportunities for product teams in their use of analytics tools.
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Over the coming years, Product Managers are going to spend most of their time doing Discovery.
Marty Cagan - Silicon Valley Product Group

Training & coaching

You don't necessarily need a User Researcher to inform decision-making in your organisation, it will take a lot more than a few specialised people to get a whole company to become truly human-centered.

Upskill your PMs, designers, marketers, ... with all the expertise needed to listen to users, collect & analyse insights, generate opportunities, ...

  • Our training programme spans multiple modules, from active listening to generating insights through analysis.
  • Get going with framing discovery activities and formulating hypotheses, so your team can focus on the problem space instead of jumping to solutions.
  • Our programme is based on the current problems you want to tackle, this way your team can apply what they learn straight away.
  • Coaching: we offer coaching sessions to ensure skills are actually applied, acquired and move the needle for your business.
Agicap case study
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Scaling User Research practices through product team training

5 training sessions to get the team going on user research and discovery activities.
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