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We set out to meet pioneers and thought leaders who can share their knowledge and experience around what worked and why, and provide inspiration to embed a product discovery culture in your own context.

The show is a safe space for people to share their passion for their craft - with all the good vibes! 🌈  ✨

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#05 Democratising research in your organisation with Behzod Sirjani

In our next LIVE event on Product with Panash, I'm super excited to be hosting Behzod Sirjani, one of the earlier Researchers at Facebook back in 2013, who went on to become Head of Research & Analytics Operations at Slack.

We'll discuss a few topics including
🎖 The role of researchers in an organisation
💪🏽 The growing need for more people to conduct research
🧰 Enabling others in conducting research with the right tools
🤝 Collaborating with Product and other business areas

I'll be joined by none other than Roxane Lacotte, my wonderful co-host for the session and we're very much looking forward to our conversation with Behzod.

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#04 Scaling UX Research at Miro with Eduardo Gomez Ruiz - UX Research Lead

We're super excited to be hosting Eduardo who was the very first UX Researcher at Miro and has seen the company evolve over the past year.Eduardo was hired to establish the mindset and approach to research, research processes, incorporate research tools and create the foundations of user understanding.In this new LIVE session of Product with Panash we'll learn more about how he's seen the practice of research evolve over the past year and some of the challenges and aspirations of the product team around customer knowledge.

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#03 Continuous Discovery Habits with Teresa Torres @ Product Talk

We're super excited to be hosting Teresa Torres on Product with Panash to talk about the release of her book "Continuous Discovery Habits".Join us for a YouTube Live session where we'll be talking about- Challenges product teams face in adopting discovery practices- Understanding how you can be an agent of change- How to embed Continuous Discovery HabitsLooking forward to having you join us for this very special event.More details to come...Please follow our Panash LinkedIn page so you don't miss our updates and future events.

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#02 Making UX a core part of product decisioning in a growing organisation | Luky Primadani

We're super excited to be hosting the wonderful Luky Primadani on Product with Panash. It's not an easy thing to grow UX as a practice in an organisation. It's even harder to make it central to your product decisioning and strategy and get your whole company on board. We thought we'd dive straight into this topic which proves challenging for many...

We'll be talking about

📈 UX Maturity stages in companies and how to bring about change

🙋🏽♀️ How to grow and embed a user-centric culture in your organisation

💛 Placing users at the heart of your product decisioning

...all with concrete examples of how-to approach these things. ✨

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#01 Integrating Jobs-to-be-Done in your practice of product management

We're super excited to be launching our new show dedicated to #productdiscovery #UX and #jobstobedone with none other than the inspirational and brilliant Bob Moesta.I'll be joined by Solène Lagrée and we'll be talking about JTBD interviews, going from theory to practice and how to integrate JTBD in your product management routines.

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