Impact-led insights

1 day
Led by Roxane Lacotte & Céline Yao
Cumulate +18 years of experience in User Research.
Swile, Heetch, HSBC, Amazon.

Learn how to frame, build and share insights that engage your target audience and support stronger decision-making in your organization.

Why becoming impact-led?

Tired of your insights sitting on the shelves?

We’ve all been there. The time when the team seems to forget the research project ever happened as soon as the final check is cut. The time when your report stuffed full of creative recommendations gets buried by risk-averse leadership. The time when the stakeholder group really does seem engaged by the findings, has lots of conversations, and then…
nothing changes.

Escape the comfort zone. Reach a new level of impact.

We designed this 1-day bootcamp for all product design and research practitioners
who want to challenge their craft and unlock strategic decision-making with insights. 

By the end of the bootcamp, you will be able to:

Reshape your personal impact

Using the insight competency model to assess and challenge your own practice

Challenge your team process

With a simple 3-step process to frame, map and engage the right audience

Motivate action with insights

From boring slides to engaging meetings designed to drive action

Learn. Reflect. Practice !

Reflect and align as a team in the morning, inspired by the best practices and real-life examples we'll share with you. Apply what you learnt in the afternoon on a real case study selected with you, for your team.

Reframe your impact
- Instructor-led talks to share best practices and key concepts
- Group discussions to reflect on your context, current practices and identified challenges
Challenge #1: Expand your playground

Challenge #2: Rethink your process

Challenge #3: Improve your craft using the SAMI framework
Practice and demo
Activity: Reboot a UR case study from your own company with the objective of making it impact-led

Demo: Share back key takeaways to rest of the team and commit to own action plan

Who is this program for?

Researchers, designers
and product practitioners

Who conduct user research and want to get better value from insights and develop an impact-led, collaborative practice of user research to drive product decisions.

Team managers

Who want to align their team's research practice and better support the organization's strategic priorities with impact-led insights

What alums say about this program


"You really met our needs and the struggles we're facing, and gave us concrete methods / frameworks (and inspiration!) to use in our worklife. Great facilitation and team <3"


"Great facilitation. I reallly liked that you shared so much personal experience and examples. Super helpful concepts and inspiration."


"Amazing opportunity to reflect and work as a team. We do it too rarely, and this bootcamp truly made me realize how much we're able to achieve together."


"Great content that opens your horizons with practical tips and concepts you feel you can really implement. Amazing facilitators, great energy. You really understood our problematics, shared your experience and know your topic super well. You rock!"

Key activities

Over 1 day, you will learn to measure the impact of your insights, focus your efforts on strategic priorities,
and maximize activation when sharing insights with stakeholders.

From insights, to decisions

Let's set the scene first. We'll look at why and how it is challenging to measure the impact of research in an organization. You'll have the opportunity to share and address common challenges you're facing to define clear outcomes, prioritize requests and activate insights.

🧰 Tool: Research Impact Zone

What is your competency shape?

We'll take the time to assess what specific skills and activities differentiate the most impactful practitioners from the pack. You'll have the chance to reflect on your own day-to-day practice, on where you focus the most time and energy today, and which areas you are most interested in developing next.

🧰 Tool: Insight Competency Wheel

A decision-first approach to scope and run projects

Learn how to frame target outcomes with your team, map different stakeholder groups to adapt your engagement model, and continuously assess generated impact with ongoing touchpoints.

This module includes:
🧰 Tool: 3-Step Research Process (Frame, Map, Engage)

Make your insights stick (and live !)

Move away from boring reports no one pays attention to. Start engaging your stakeholders with concise, challenge-focused presentations that will drive action. In small groups, you'll get to reboot a real case study for your company, and prepare an insight presentation before a real jury composed of your stakeholders.

This module includes:
🧰 Tool: SAMI Framework

Get actionable feedback, on the spot

Your revamped presentation will be evaluated by a jury of stakeholders at the end of the bootcamp. You will receive detailed feedback on whether the insights you shared successfully addressed their business challenge and motivated them to take action !

Week 1: Getting started

We’ll look at different scenarios to help you implement discovery within your context, whether you’re operating in a “feature factory” or an outcome-led model. You’ll learn to size your discovery efforts according to priorities, risks & resources available.

Week 2: Framing your discovery

From defining a clear product outcome and target audience, to reviewing existing work and identifying potential risks, we’ll introduce you to a simple framework to align your team on the right discovery objective.

Week 3: Extracting opportunities from interviews

Learn how to ask unbiased questions, synthesize notes efficiently into snapshots, and extract common patterns into an Opportunity Solution Tree.

Week 4: Validating solutions with rapid testing

Test early, move faster, learn techniques to quickly generate, assess, test & validate solutions at low effort, low cost (including rapid testing).

Week 5: Prioritization

Finally, we’ll look at how to use the outputs of your Discovery to drive evidence-based decisions, inform delivery priorities and continuously communicate with your stakeholders to get buy-in. You’ll learn from real-life examples on how discovery as a practice can lead to stronger decision-making in product organizations.

What to expect

  • Instructor-led talks on best practices and key concepts illustrated with real-life examples
  • Group discussions to reflect on your context, practice and challenges as individuals and as a team
  • Guided coaching to practice the frameworks on a real case study selected and prepared for your company
  • Access to all templates, frameworks and materials after the bootcamp
Starts at 8 000 €
pre-tax value (HT)

Receive detailed information about the bootcamp:

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Meet your instructors

Roxane Lacotte

Co-founder @ Panash

Whether at Heetch or Swile, for Amazon or Facebook, Roxane has contributed to some of the most ambitious research projects in the EU landscape. Now, Roxane's dedicated to democratising research practices across product organisations.

Celine Yao

Programs Lead @ Panash

With 10 years experience in User Experience Design & Research, Celine has helped numerous brands effectively build valuable products that help users make progress.
She recently built the UX Research practice at HSBC in Hong Kong.


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