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Our mission

There are about 36M companies worldwide that launch every single year. Most people in these companies are talented, driven individuals, convinced that they know what their users need. Yet, the majority of these companies will eventually fail. Some after a few months, others after years of operating.

Most companies would rather operate off untested assumptions and gut-feeling instead of taking the seemingly uncertain and uncomfortable path of deeply understanding users, their hopes and motivations.

As the world increasingly goes digital and the headcount needed to think and develop new products and services on a daily basis explodes, companies struggle to integrate product decisioning skills at pace, i.e. to make decisions based on a deep understanding of the circumstances and struggles of humans in search of progress.

In addition, as Product Management and UX Research constantly evolve as practices, it is extremely challenging for individuals within organisations to remain masters of their craft.

We believe there’s a great potential to unlock through enhanced collaboration and partnerships

Our purpose is to empower people within organisations to make better decisions by placing users at the ❤️ of every conversation.

We believe in helping our clients in the right way while creating a purposeful company which means:
- Being ahead of the curve in our craft while being pragmatic and impactful in our practice and recommendations.
- Building a diverse group of exceptional, talented individuals who think forward and can straddle strategy and tactics in the same day.
- Adapting to an ever-changing tech landscape while remaining true to our purpose: empowering companies to make decisions that move the world forward.

Panash team members

Our world-class team

Excited by user research democratization, I help your team grow in their discovery practice.
I help companies take a step back and better understand how they can improve their product practice across the board.
I am passionate about understanding users' motivations & emotions to create products that make a difference.
Entrepreneur at heart and designer in practice, i thrive working on your user's problems.

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We’re pulling together an inclusive and diverse team of remarkable individuals who are curious by nature and thrilled by entrepreneurship. Join us in helping companies adopt the right practices in helping humans progress.

Want to know more about what Product Discovery entails, check out our one-pager.

What is Discovery ?
Content Marketing Manager · Internship (M/F/X)
Paris, Rennes, Lyon or remote
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Product Discovery Coach (M/F/X)
Paris, Rennes, Lyon or remote
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Product Manager (M/F/X)
Paris, Rennes, Lyon or remote
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User Researcher (M/F/X)
Paris, Rennes, Lyon or remote
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Product Discovery Lead (M/F/X)
Paris, Rennes, Lyon or remote
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