Pricing & Monetization

Monetization is an absolutely core engine for any business model to thrive in the long run. Getting your monetization model and pricing strategy right are key in maximizing value capture for your business while creating ongoing value for your customers.

By the end of the program, you will know how to:

  • Select the right monetization model for your product
  • Apply different pricing strategies to rethink and optimize your product monetization
  • Develop a continuous practice to test and deploy product pricing changes.

Program lead

Stephane Lebas

Program Partner @ Panash

Stephane is Chief Product Officer at Qare, a platform that provides medical video consultations.

He is a seasoned product leader with extensive experience across consumer businesses and marketplaces. 
Stephane introduced Meetic's controversial yet successful adaptive pricing strategy, later replicated by Tinder and other dating apps.

Previously, Stephane led product at Malt, Meetic (Match Group) and Betclic.

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This program will require around 3 hours of your time per week.

View week’s content
30 min
Watch online lessons and complete weekly quizzes
Instructor led live sessions
30 min
Where the magic happens Join the expert, practice with fellow cohort members, learn from real-life challenges and ask your burning questions.
Group assignement
60 min
Apply what you learnt to a concrete case study, get feedback from experts and improve.
Weekly talks
45 min
Apply what you learnt to a concrete case study, get feedback from experts and improve.


Week 1: Build your monetization model

Let’s talk business first. You won’t be able to drive any meaningful change to your product monetization without understanding how it can (and should) generate revenue in the first place.

You’ll get to…
- Understand how your product contributes to generating business revenue
- Assess different monetization models (subscription vs. transaction, value-based vs. cost-based) to select the most relevant one for your product
- Adopt a principle-based approach to rethink and revamp your monetization model (strategy, value, maturity)

Week 2: Optimize your product monetization

In this module, you’ll understand why pricing & monetization is often labelled as the untapped product growth lever. It takes courage, but mastering and combining various optimization strategies is the most effective path to success.

You’ll be able to…
- Experiment how different pricing strategies impact your product core metrics (North star metric, revenue, margin, conversion)
- Define a value-based segmentation to optimize your path to purchase and customer lifetime value
- Demonstrate the impact of your work to stakeholders with data-based business cases and get your organization to think more commercially

Week 3: Test & deploy pricing changes

As you evolve your monetization model, you will have to carefully conduct some sensitivity analysis and damage control before introducing any pricing or offer change to the market.

We’ll look at how to…
- Setup and run price sensitivity testing without bias
- Plan a go-to-market strategy to introduce pricing changes

Meet your instructor

Stephane Lebas

Program Partner @ Panash

With over 15 years experience in Product Management, Stephane has successfully scaled tech businesses across B2B, B2C and multiple verticals.

Stephane teaches
- Monetization modelling
- Optimisation of monetization
- Testing & Deployment of pricing strategies


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