Pricing & Monetization

A 1-day course to understand the basic building blocks of monetization and adopt a principle-based approach to select the right monetization model for your product.

📅 Fri, Feb 10, 2023, 09:00 PM - 12:00 PM

By the end of the program, you will know how to:

  • Have a clear framework to select the right monetization model for your product that aligns with your business context, strategy and roadmap.
  • Understand the fundamental building blocks of monetization,
  • Be able to break down different monetization strategies relevant to your product,
  • Analyze the right business & customer inputs to inform your decisions,
  • Adopt a set of guiding principles to define your monetization strategy.

Program lead

Stephane Lebas

Program Partner @ Panash

Stephane is Chief Product Officer at Qare, a platform that provides medical video consultations.

He is a seasoned product leader with extensive experience across consumer businesses and marketplaces. 
Stephane introduced Meetic's controversial yet successful adaptive pricing strategy, later replicated by Tinder and other dating apps.

Previously, Stephane led product at Malt, Meetic (Match Group) and Betclic.


Module 1: Introduction to monetization

Why care about monetization?
- Discuss the benefits and challenges of optimizing product monetization
- Shift your mindset as a product manager to start developing your business acumen
- Map out the optimum state for your product: LTV, conversion, margin

Monetization strategies
- Understand the basic building blocks of monetization: value, offer, pricing, revenue
- Identify and break down the 5 most important types of monetization strategies: subscription, value metric, discount, bundle, add-ons

Module 2: Informing your monetization decisions

Business checklist
Collect and analyze the business inputs that matter to inform your monetization decisions:
- Business plan, path to profitability
- Margin, ARPU, LTV
- Competitive benchmark
- Brand positioning

Know your customer base
Audit your customer data to understand how build efficient segments:
- Customer acquisition landscape
- Behaviour, usage and lifecycle analytics
- Spending capacity analysis

Module 3: Defining your monetization strategy

The 3 core principles to approach monetization strategy
Understand and apply the 3 core principles to define your monetization strategy
- How to focus on your business goal
- How to align with your product maturity
- How to anticipate your next product development stage

Case study: Netflix
How the streaming giant continuously evolved their monetization strategy over 25 years of history (with illustrated examples of the 3 core principles)

Activity: Build your own rate card
Draft your revamped product rate card using the provided template & principles
- Identify knowledge gaps and areas to investigate further with your stakeholders
- Pitch to the group and receive expert feedback

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A 1-day course to understand the basic building blocks of monetization and adopt a principle-based approach to select the right monetization model for your product.


Fri, Feb 10, 2023, 09:00 - 5:00 PM

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  • 1 instructor-led online masterclass (full day)
  • Access to course content, assignments, activities & templates
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Meet your instructor

Stephane Lebas

Program Partner @ Panash

With over 15 years experience in Product Management, Stephane has successfully scaled tech businesses across B2B, B2C and multiple verticals.

Stephane teaches
- Monetization modelling
- Optimisation of monetization
- Testing & Deployment of pricing strategies


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