Unpacking strategy & getting goal setting right | Ravi Mehta (Tinder, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Outpace)

#20: In this episode, Axel chats with Ravi Mehta, the Co-Founder and CEO of Outpace, a company that is reinventing the way that people learn and grow.

We cover a range of topics across strategy, leadership and team growth. Axel invites Ravi to dive deeper on goal setting, the challenges posed by OKRs and how to use the NCT framework to set better goals.

Prior to founding Outpace, Ravi was an Executive-in-Residence at Reforge where he helped create the Product Leadership program and helped launch the Product Strategy program.

Ravi was the Chief Product Officer at Tinder, a Product Director at Facebook focused on Gen Z Engagement, and the Head of Consumer Product at TripAdvisor. He started his career at Microsoft, where he was an early member of the Xbox team focused on Xbox Live.

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Show notes and highlights

(01:51) Ravi's background

(05:29) Outpace's ideal customer profile and value proposition

(08:25) Ravi's view on how product leaders can balance their time between management & coaching

(10:50) Overview of Ravi's Product Strategy Stack

(14:32) Don't be too distracted by nailing both Mission and Vision statements

(16:18) Goal setting and challenges OKRs can pose

(19:17) Narratives, Commitments and Tasks - a framework for goal setting

(22:27) How can teams chart a path towards progress with different goal types

(27:14) What traits Ravi hires for

(29:20) What were great candidates lacking when they weren't hired

(31:24) Biggest challenge Ravi had to solve for at Tinder

(34:49) Can leaders get coached too?

(37:28) Biggest challenge Ravi is addressing at Outpace

(39:55) Question from the Panash community

(43:28) Ravi's Treasure Chest


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