Thin-slicing your way through transformation | Rico Surridge (Which?, BBC, ITV)

#18: Rico is Chief Product & Technology Officer at Which? Ltd, the UK’s consumer champion. Over a fifteen-year career, Rico has worked in Product roles in industries ranging from Media (BBC, ITV, Sky, NewsCorp) to eCommerce (Sainsbury's, Vodafone, Photobox) to Consultancy (Accenture). Collaborating on product and feature launches with Apple, Google and Amazon.

In this episode, we talk about Rico's role across both product and engineering as a CPTO. We cover the topic of transformation and what that means in the context of a 65 year old organisation like Which? Rico shares his recipe for a successful transformation and talks about how he planned for his first 90 days coming into the role.

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Show notes and highlights

(01:45) Rico's background

(04:04) Which? The consumer champion

(04:40) The CPTO role

(09:21) The importance of having a strong head of engineering

(12:01) The role Which? plays in the UK and Rico's mandate

(17:56 ) Rico's playbook for the transformation at Which?

(27:30) Rico's plan for his first 90 days at Which?

(32:59) How to keep teams motivated and engaged during a transformation

(39:31) Thin-slicing one's way through transformation

(40:50) Rico's Treasure Chest


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