Developing high-performing product teams | Stephanie Leue (Doodle, Contentful, PayPal)

#19: Stephanie Leue, CPO at Doodle, joins Axel for a conversation centered about developing high-performing product teams. With more than 30 million MAUs, Doodle is the leading enterprise scheduling technology helping the world's largest brands instantly set meetings with clients, colleagues and teams.

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience in software companies and has been engaged in product management for over 14 years. She formerly worked as Director of Product at Contentful, where she was in charge of growth, pricing and activation. As Paypal's product manager, she oversaw merchant onboarding and client activation as well as shaping Paypal Plus as product owner for the German market.

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Show notes and highlights

(01:26) Stephanie's background

(04:20) The 4P Framework for high performing teams

(07:58) Pitfalls of implementing this framework

(10:48) The power of repetition

(15:14) Why companies fail at developing high performing teams

(16:53) Stephanie's favourite topic

(19:58) Setting expectation for high performing teams

(23:28) Freedom through constraints

(27:19) How do you help your team grow

(29:26) Skill metrics for PMs

(31:50) The role of a Principal Product Manager

(34:56) Should Product Leaders spend most of their time coaching?

(37:40) Stephanie's Treasure Chest


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