Being a zero-to-one PM vs. a one-to-N PM | Andre Albuquerque (Kitch, One Month PM)

#12: In this episode, we are joined by Andre, a product and design leader at Kitch.

Andre has a unique experience, starting his career at Google but now focusing on early-stage product management.

He talks about the different profiles of product managers, the skills needed to thrive in each bucket, and how to hire for the early-stage product managers.

Andre also shares his experiences from One Month PM and discusses the concept of the T-shaped person.

With Andre's insights, listeners will gain more clarity on the product management journey and learn valuable tools for succeeding in both zero to one and one to end product management.

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Show notes and highlights

(01:31) Andre's background

(02:45) One Month PM

(05:12) Being a builder

(07:41) 2 categories of PMs / 0-1 and 1-n

(17:05) What is lacking in candidates who are not getting hired

(20:31) Product Managers have to wear the mayor hat

(24:19) How do you use your influence capital as a PM

(28:28) Andre's biggest challenges as a Product Leader

(35:15) Andre's Treasure Chest


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