Acting as a multiplicator in developing others | Floriane Gramlich (Zalando Payments, PayPal, OLX)

#15: In this episode, we're trilled to host Floriane Gramlich who is CPO at Zalando Payments. Floriane is passionate about treating everything as a product, including her own career. She is dedicated to investing in product management and helping others improve in their craft.

Floriane has a keen interest in narratives and writing papers and is trying to get better at it. We touch on the importance of PRFAQs and how they can help product managers in thinking through the problems they're trying to solve. We talk about leading, scaling and building teams.

Besides her role at Zalando, Floriane also mentors product people, mostly women, to help them grow in their career. She sees her role as a product leader as embodying the role of a multiplicator by mentoring and sharing her knowledge. She talks about the hard skills and soft skills involved in product management, and how she helps others to learn and improve in both areas.

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Show notes and highlights

(01:59) Floriane's background

(03:10) What does "being a multiplicator" mean?

(04:18) The 2 dimensions of being a multiplicator

(06:17) Floriane's take on what "better" Product Managers look like

(07:44) The importance of writing skills as a product person

(12:40) Should PMs be specialists or swiss knives?

(20:09) Different leadership styles for Product Mangers

(23:43) Craft skills & Human skills (Hard skills & Soft skills)

(25:13) Using data to make sense of the world

(28:20) Becoming best friends with your BI & Analytics team

(34:38) The art (or science) of Prioritization

(37:45) Treat yourself as a product

(39:22) Floriane is a big fan of coaching