Start from scratch and escape the build trap | Alex Lüke (AnyBill, Siemens)

#11: AnyBill's Chief Product Officer, Alex Lüke, joins Axel to talk about how the Berlin-based startup is transforming the digital receipts landscape with their B2B solution. Axel and Alex talk about what it means to build a SaaS product at an early stage and the implications on how product drives value.

Alex shares her perspective around building knowledge across merchants and customers, using insights for decision-making and prioritising at the intersection of business challenges and customer experience.

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Show notes and highlights

(01:34) Alex's background

(04:11) AnyBill's origin story

(06:41) How does the team at AnyBill identify opportunities

(09:31) How to inform decision-making with insights across merchants and end-customers

(16:48) Receipt digitization opens up many other opportunities

(20:28) How AnyBill prioritises their initiatives being an early-stage B2B business

(25:04) What's next for AnyBill

(28:02) Why spend time on Q&A and testing at an early stage

(30:33) Alex's Treasure Chest


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