Lessons being an exec in a tech company | Georgie Smallwood (TIER, N26, Xero)

#22: Georgie Smallwood is Chief Product Officer at TIER and has a lot of experience building successful businesses. In this episode, Georgie and Axel dive into the reality of being an exec in a tech company, what it takes to steer an organisation in the current economic context, and the many learnings Georgie draws from her career.

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Show notes and highlights

(02:00) Georgie's background

(07:10) About TIER

(10:50) Running the core element of a company

(11:35) Importance of optionality in revenue streams

(12:26) Commercial acumen is a must-have skill for PMs

(14:37) PMs have to be experts in something

(16:03) How to ensure the team is learning and growing

(19:23) Steering an organisation in the current economic context

(22:56) How to approach layoffs

(24:04) Opportunities arising from the downturn

(29:08) The power of saying YES

(30:47) Adding depth to your systems thinking

(33:10) CPO: a people-first role

(35:53) Not leaving a company can pay off

(37:30) Nothing is true unless it is writing

(38:14) The intensity of the CPO role

(41:53) The best thing Georgie did for her career

(43:46) Leadership roles can be lonely

(48:12) Everything is connected

(50:49) Georgie's Treasure Chest


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