How to change a consumer category irreversibly | Mark Tsirekas (Zoe, Schibsted, Ebay)

#21: In this episode, Axel sits down with Mark Tsirekas - VP Product @ Zoe, a scientifically advanced nutrition program - and talk about what's involved in building a consumer product while irreversibly changing a category.

We dive into the challenges of setting up a product practice with empowered, autonomous teams. Mark also talks about how the team at Zoe has a singular approach to finding which problems they'll tackle and how they execute to deliver the best experience in addressing that problem.

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Show notes and highlights

(01:52) Mark's background

(04:32) What problem is Zoe solving

(06:30) How is Zoe doing things differently

(07:47) How the team at Zoe is organised to solve this problem

(11:52) What are the product frameworks at play

(14:17) The role of autonomy for the product team

(14:48) Fundamentals and principles driving the product team

(16:11) User outcomes first, business impact will follow

(17:58) How can the product work change a whole industry

(21:47) Building your product practice

(25:48) We're not doing MVPs!

(30:42) How are the teams enabled in bringing about change

(35:16) Mark's Treasure Chest


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