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come to build their Discovery muscle.

A 6-week virtual training program by & for practitioners, designed so you can create, plan and run a continuous product  discovery playbook in your team.
NOT a bootcamp!
A part-time program built around your busy schedule.

May cohort in session.
Next cohort starts on the 15th of September.

Don't take our word for it

This program is how we make our product people grow. How we make a difference on our roadmap, our business and the value we bring to developers.
It's a no-brainer!
Audrey Pedro
Chief Product Officer
We positively transformed the way we work in our product trio. Not only do we have clarity, but we know when and how to launch and end a discovery cycle. Thanks to Panash, our team is better for it.
Fatiha Achour
Product Manager
As a product designer, this training program has helped me redefine my role within my team. Now I'm focused on defining solutions that really address customer struggles.
Erik Bernal
Product Designer
Over the coming years, Product Managers are going to spend most of their time doing Discovery.
Marty Cagan - Silicon Valley Product Group

Topics covered

01. Defining product outcomes
We’ll focus on understanding principles of discovery, establish how product outcomes can drive business outcomes, and decide which outcome to pursue for a discovery cycle.
02. Framing your discovery
We’ll look at understanding what you want to achieve with discovery, clarifying what you need to learn in order to inform your decisions, and defining what success looks like. You’ll devise your discovery plan and share it with stakeholders to seek alignment.
03. Recruiting your target audience
We’ll look at how to set criteria for participant recruitment, build a recruitment screener that delivers viable participants, and set up a recruitment process that translates into booked conversations.
04. Drafting your interview guide
Asking the right questions to uncover what you need to learn from participants is a key skill that significantly impacts the overall quality of your discovery activities. Here, we’ll focus on transposing outcomes and objectives into interview questions.
05. Conversations 👉🏽 Opportunities
We’ll share interview best practices, dive into concrete examples with contextual role-play and review dos and don’ts, so you’ll learn how to conduct interviews in an unbiased way.
06. Prioritising opportunities
We’ll focus on understanding principles of discovery, establish how product outcomes can drive business outcomes, and decide which outcome to pursue for a discovery cycle.

Meet your instructors

We're a team of professionals invested in helping product teams unlock decision-making by adopting an evidence-based practice of product management.

Roxane Lacotte


Whether at Heetch or Swile, for Amazon or Facebook, Roxane has contributed to some of the most ambitious research projects in the EU landscape. Now, Roxane's dedicated to democratising research practices across product organisations.

Roxane teaches

  • User research fundamentals
  • End-to-end interview processes
  • Customer knowledge repositories
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Solène Lagrée


Solène has experience building impactful products across the startup space in San Francisco, New York, London and Paris. Passionate about the dynamics of decision-making, customer behaviour & JTBD, Solène is always looking to the future of our craft.

Solène teaches

  • Product decisioning
  • Communicating insights
  • Psychological safety for Discovery
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Axel Sooriah


With over 8 years experience in Product Management, Axel has helped small & large tech ventures take products to market faster and more efficiently by developing a continuous & rigorous practice of discovery.

Axel teaches

  • Continuous Discovery
  • Opportunity Solution Trees
  • Prioritisation, vision & strategy
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A 6-week, cohort-based virtual experience to get your team moving on discovery.

Course content, assignments, activities & templates

Online community where all questions get answered

Monthly community calls

Case study reviews with industry experts

Weekly live events with discovery practitioners and industry leaders

Certificate of completion


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