Solution Discovery

Master the different stages of a solution (from early ideas to a functional product), and learn how to de-risk your delivery by testing early, iterating often.

By the end of the program you will know how to :

  • start with ideas and reform them into well-formed and ready for testing concepts
  • define clear and objective conditions of success for your experimentations
  • chose the most relevant concept testing technique for your experimentation
  • Run multiple types of concept tests with confidence
  • Evaluate the success of your experiment

Celine Yao

Programs Lead @ Panash

With 10 years experience in User Experience Design & Research, Celine has helped numerous brands effectively build valuable products that help users make progress across brands like Disney, Amazon, Louis Vuitton and Air France.

More recently, Celine led the formation of the UX Research practice at HSBC in Hong Kong.

Active learning experiences designed for learner success 🥇

We're not leaving your professional development to chance. Panash learning experiences are based on instructional design best-practices, so you can take away what really matters and deliver impact within your own context.

Live online sessions

Hands-on sessions with concept reviews, learner-driven discussions and time to put theory into practice.

Engaged work groups

Peer-led, diverse work groups, so you can get different views on how to solve problems and collaborate in finding solutions.

A support system

Benefit from peer support and camaraderie in an emotionally intelligent learning environment

Actionable resources

Apply what you learn to your current work context with a library of original and curated resources

Designed to fit your busy schedule

We designed our cohort-based programs around the busy schedule of product people.This program will require around 3 hours of your time per week.

View week’s content
30 min
Watch online lessons and complete weekly quizzes
Instructor led live sessions
30 min
Where the magic happens Join the expert, practice with fellow cohort members, learn from real-life challenges and ask your burning questions.
Group assignement
60 min
Apply what you learnt to a concrete case study, get feedback from experts and improve.
Weekly talks
45 min
Apply what you learnt to a concrete case study, get feedback from experts and improve.

What alums say about our programs

Hippolyte Lenfant

Product Designer

There were a lot of examples across the entire program.
I found the content on outcomes and framing particularly helpful to envisage the entire product development lifecycle.

Victor Ramiro

Product Manager

The case studies progressively bring everything across the program content together. I used to need support from specialists in conducting these product activities, now I feel more confident leading these on my own.


Week 1: Framing for success

Solution Discovery is all about bulletproofing delivery before it’s too late, by identifying different types of risks and running experiments to ultimately prioritise solutions based on evidence, not intuition. We’ll start with defining clear conditions of success for your experiments, whether working on a new opportunity or existing ideas.

Week 2: From ideas to experiment

We’ll share techniques to review existing solution ideas as a team and inspire new ones. You’ll then learn to assess and refine the most promising ideas into a single well-formed concept, with conditions of success clearly identified.

Mapping ideas
- Review existing ideas
- Generate new ideas
- Avoiding common antipatterns
- Story mapping

Mapping assumptions

Assess and refine with stakeholders

Week 3: Testing potential solutions

Now is the time to validate whether the proposed solution is actually capable of solving the challenge. We’ll focus on how to get early feedback from experts and users with concept testing, before making a compelling evidence-based case for stakeholder buy-in.

Running experimentations
- What is concept testing
- Overview of concept testing techniques
- How to run a concept test
- Concept testing is only the beginning

Evaluating experiment success

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A 3-week, cohort-based virtual experience to get your team moving on Solution Discovery.

Cohort duration

3 weeks

Time to complete

2 to 3 hours per week

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from Nov. 7th to 25th 2022

pre-tax value (HT)
2490 €/seat
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Meet your instructor

Celine Yao

Programs Lead @ Panash

With 10 years experience in User Experience Design & Research, Celine has helped numerous brands effectively build valuable products that help users make progress.
She recently built the UX Research practice at HSBC in Hong Kong.

Celine teaches
- Solution
- Idea generation
- Story & assumption mapping
- Concept validation


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